Chairman’s Letter

Dear Friends

It is quite some time since we last communicated with you all.  There have been changes to the officers on the Committee: Dilys Jones as Chairman, Jenny Downes as Treasurer and Maureen Chandler as Secretary.  A am grateful that Jenny and Maureen were willing to serve as its often difficult to get willing volunteers to take on responsibly in committee.

We have been making plans for the future and have some dates for your diary, smart phone or PC calendar.  Our AGM, an important occasion, will take place on Wednesday 14th June at 7.30pm.   We have an interesting speaker to engage us who has visited all the cathedrals in the country with his horse.  You have to admit that’s pretty different!  I do hope you will join us for the business meeting, the talk and a light supper.

Our annual service, to highlight to contribution of the Friends to the life of St Mary’s is to be held on Sunday 18th June at 10 am.  The Friends organise the service and aim to involve members in the orchestration of the event. It would be lovely to see you there and we can tempt you with a lunch afterwards.  More details later on the website.

One of our aims as the Friends is to provide items for the church that might not be available through the PCC.  A red chasuble, a vestment for the clergy to wear at certain seasons of the Church year has been purchased this year.  In fact Michael was able to wear it on Palm Sunday.  The previous item had been damaged through age and wear and tear so the Friends were pleased to be able to replace this.  The fabric is a glorious deep red brocade with gold decoration. A very attractive addition to the clergy vestments wardrobe.

On several occasions during the year an altar is set up in the transept below the choir steps.  This allows everyone to watch the preparation for the Eucharist and gives the congregation closer involvement in the act.  The altar used at present, although acceptable, is not entirely suitable and the Friends are aiming to commission a piece of craftsmanship to provide a purpose built piece of furniture to enhance the worship of St Mary’s.  Permissions will be needed from the diocese but specifications have been drawn up and local craftsmen sought.  This is a very exciting and valuable project for us to be involved in.   I hope you will agree.

On May 6th from 10am to 12pm we will be holding our Plant Sale with a bit of luck and fair weather we should be able to hold this outside the parish centre.   Please come along to help us raise funds and find some interesting specimens (plant of course).  If you have been sorting and dividing plants in your own garden perhaps you could bring some to sell on.

This year we plan to have a calendar ready for Christmas as we do biannually.  Do you have a photograph you would like to contribute to this year’s publication? Pictures of local buildings, scenes and village events are always popular as are historical pictures of the local area.  If you would like to submit a few photographs (up to five) please pass them on to Dilys Jones or Jenny Downes before the AGM, or at that meeting.

You are very important to the Friends of St Mary’s, without you we would not exist.  Your continuing support is valued and we hope you will be able to support our ventures.