Happy people at SMCK July13 cropped 2WELCOMERS
8am, 10am & 6.30pm Sunday services

We hope to give a warm welcome to everyone who comes through the church doors on a Sunday and we have a team of Welcomers to do this. Welcomers greet people, hand out the news sheet and direct people to the altar for communion. It usually involves a commitment of one Sunday service a month.

10am Sunday service

The Servers play an important part of any service. There are different types of servers: the Crucifer (lights candles, sets up the Altar, processes in and out with the cross and achieves the collection); Altar Servers (assist the Celebrant, clear the alter and wash vessels); Gospel Servers (lead the procession with candles, light the gospel procession and assist in the chapel). Full training is given. It usually involves a commitment of twice a month.

For more info contact Sacristan@stmarysck.org.uk

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10am Sunday service

Elementers play an important part in our main Parish Communion service by presenting the bread and wine at the altar.



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10am and 6.30pm Sunday services

Two people per service are needed to read the Old Testament and New Testament readings. This is a lovely way to get involved in our services and only involves a commitment of about once a quarter.