The church has running water, electricity and heating as well as a small kitchen and toilet facilities. A larger kitchen is considered desirable.

The church has a Hearing Loop system, large-print hymn books and a folding ramp which allows wheelchair access to all parts of the church. Tests are being carried out with CCTV to improve the view that the congregation seated in the aisles have of various parts of the services. 63% of congregation respondents agreed that the building adequately serves their needs while 25% gave a neutral response and the remaining 12% disagreed. Issues raised include:
+ a need for improved facilities for the disabled;
+ a need for better facilities for the children’s corner to avoid d1srupt1on to the services;
+ the provision of television screens so that members of the congregation sitting in the aisles can see the service;
+ a second toilet (possibly at the back of the church);
+ catering facilities;
+ more comfortable pews, e.g. provision of cushions;
+ extra storage space;
+ a place for informal meetings;
+a need for a large porch at the west door and improved access at the south door;
+a need for more outside lighting in winter.