Sunday 18th February 2024 – 10:00am

PresidentRev’d Graham Bowkett
PreacherRev’d Graham Bowkett
ReadingsGenesis 9. 8 – 17
1 Peter 3. 18 – 22
Mark 1. 9 – 15 
HymnsCP 95 Forty days and forty nights
CP 532 O for a closer walk with God
As the deer pants for the water
CP 221 One bread, one body
CP 496 Lead us, Heavenly Father, lead us
Choir AnthemBernadette Farrell – O God you search me and you know me
Service sheetService Sheet

As our service is being streamed live, please click the Rose Window below to watch on Youtube.

The notices for this week can be found here. Should you need to contact the ministry team at this time, contact details are here.

This video is hoped to help whilst we are limited in having services where the congregation is physically present. Please do join in with the responses where you know them. Feel free to watch in full screen mode (square box symbol) or pause as and when needed (two vertical lines symbol).