Pastoral Team

Hello! We Are Alison, Jenny and Heather, members of the Pastoral Team for St Mary’s Church Charlton Kings, and we would like to tell you a little bit about our role.  

We support the Vicar in any way we can, for example by accompanying him when he first meets with anyone who would like to use our church eg. for a Baptism, a Wedding or a Funeral. We also provide pastoral support to members of our congregation, and to those who are not churchgoers but who live in and around Charlton Kings. We do this by contacting anyone who is sick, lonely or unhappy and who may appreciate some company and need someone to talk to. If you are unable to come to church, we can also bring Holy Communion to you at home.

We are often the first people you meet when you come to one of our church services because we are also ‘Welcomers’. We are there to provide a friendly face to greet you with a big smile and answer any questions you might have (about our church services, the church building, or the Charlton Kings community).

As volunteers, we are carefully trained to interact with others no matter what their needs and regardless of whether they are a churchgoer or not, so you can rely upon our confidentiality and our welcoming approach. Although there are only three of us, we have support from many other people within our congregation – so in reality, we can offer our services in many ways and our goal is to include everyone who might need help. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, we are here to help!

Alison, Jenny and Heather (email :

Heather Anderson-Paine,
Pastoral Team Leader

Jenny Downes

Alison Talbot