The church holds three services on Sundays and 11 on other days. Sunday services are attended by 152 people, and 42 people attend services held on other days. 39% of the Sunday attendees are over 60 and 46% are in the 19-60 age bracket. The gender balance is approximately 60% female and 40% male.

The church is used for the ‘Experience Easter’ holiday club and also holds services on Thursdays for the ‘Little Fishes’ toddler group. Concerts and other cultural/social events are held at the church six times a year. The Parish Centre on the opposite side of New Street has a large meeting hall and kitchen and is
therefore used by the church as the principal venue for meetings, groups and clubs.

The church is open to visitors and is left unlocked during the day when not in use. It is regularly visited by tourists. 70% of congregation respondents feel that the church acts as a valuable focus for the community. The incumbent feels that the use of the church could be improved if it had more toilets and better kitchen facilities.